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Karve it

Building the best in Home Service and Operations software.

Our Approach to Software is About People

We believe in building tools for real people. Working directly with our customers we seek a deep understanding of what makes the many facets of home service tick. Through this we have reimaged the way business is managed through software. Using the most modern techniques and technologies our platforms first build on how people think and then add layers of technology to that for truly simple, easy to use intuitive platforms.


People First

Design and build systems for the people who interact with them.

Data Driven

Make changes based on data. Quantitative before qualitative.

Industry Focus

Focus on the needs of the of each spicific industry.

Separate Platforms

Each platform is unque and focused. Never a one size-fits-all.

Our Solutions


Franchise Management

We help businesses maintain a standard of excellence across multiple franchise locations.

Collect data by location as a franchisee or multiple locations as the franchisor. Build and manage lead funnels, sales, schedules and bookings with tools build for every type of team member.

  • Mobile service franchises.
    • Moving 
    • Window Cleaning
    • HVAC , Plumbing, Heating
    • Yard, Deck, Fence
  • Brick and mortar
    • Best for service by appointment or walk-in service businesses.


Quickly generate reports from past jobs to keep track of your business including

  • Conversion rate from every step of your sales funnel
  • Scheduled, expected, and realized revenue
  • Logistics metrics including travel time, distance travelled, and Distance booked

Crew Tracking

Gain real time information of your crew and assets.

Eliminate payroll mistakes. Be notified when your crew starts and completes a job and verify this through GPS.

View, set, and edit the availability of crew members on the schedule on a daily basis


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking allows you to maximize the productivity for every asset you own

  • Assign availability to assets to ensure you’re never overbooked
  • Set and view locations of assets to determine the most efficient routes
  • Maximize efficiency of assets on high demand days
  • Gain visibility of assets locations; including trucks, estimators, and storage facilities

Data & Analytics

Generate estimates quickly with KARVEIT’s estimating tool

  • Set and edit prices for every products or service your company offers
  • Manage promotions and discounts including start and expiry dates as well as one time offers
  • Select services and products offered on a per franchise basis

PC, Android, and iOS Apps


We build desktop applications optimized for use on tablets and smartphones to provide a consistent user experience across platforms


Centralized user information center to manage both customers and employees

Lead Tracking

Track customers the moment they become leads through estimating, booking, invoicing and completion.

See where customers are cancelling jobs to improve workflow and gain insight into your sales funnel.

View and manage lead’s contact information

Join The Team

Karve is an actively growing Canadian tech company. We are on the look out for great talent to join our team. Remote and local positions are available.


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